Endoscopic Permanent Marker

Manufactured by The Standard, Black Eye is a bio-compatible solution designed to clearly mark lesions in the gastro-intestinal tract. The carbon black particles are injected into the sub-mucosa space of the GI tract where they create lasting marks on lesions, helping in the clear observation of lesions and any subsequent treatments.

This sterile, single use endoscopic permanent marker comes in a 5cc Syringe of non-toxic, injectable water, glycerol and carbon black liquid. Unlike Indian Ink, Black Eye does not risk including heavy metals or cross-contamination from the dilution procedure required, making it an extremely safe and easy-to-use choice for GI care.


  • Safe
  • Sterile
  • Each syringe is prefilled
  • Easy to use

Black Eye Brochure

Endoscopic Permanent Marker