Fibre Optic Light Leads

Light Leads With Abilty


Healthcare Essentials are proud to promote our partner Omega Surgical's unique colour coded light leads.

They are fully traceable with each light lead coming with its own unique lot/serial number. The different colours allow you to allocate a colour code to the individual sets of your choice.

We would welcome the opportunity to test and compare functionality of light leads in your department free of charge.

You are sure to be impressed with this new generation of light leads



  • Patented fusing fibres avoids the usage of glue and cement.

  • More efficient light transmission giving 20% more light int the operating field

  • The circular wire armour provides internal protectionn and strength to the light fibres, extending the life of the cable

  • Unique serial number for traceability

  • Complete compatibilty - all makes diameters and lengths. Bespoke Manufacture if required

  • Available in 7 colours


Light Lead Brochure
 Light Lead Flyer