Orchid Speculum

The Comfort Friendly Speculum

Orchid Spec has been developed in close collaboration with leading women's health specialists.

Optimal product performance has been achieved providing satisfaction to doctors, patients, hospitals and naturally the environment.

The Innovative Disposable Speculum

Preferred by Doctors

  • smooth single-handed operation and locking
  • front handle design angled backwards providing greater freedom of movement
  • hands free after placement
  • inwardly folded edges facilitate optimal Cervix orientation
  • no preheating required
  • virtually unbreakable plastic 
  • excellent product strength through optimised design                             Orchid Speculum Flyer
  • up to 50% cost reduction

Loved by Patients

  • "smooth" rounded edges ensuring patient comfort
  • gap design prevents "pinching"
  • single use - guaranteed clean
  • patient temperature friendly
  • clinical white look






Why White?

Research by leading women's health specialists has demonstrated specific advantages

  •  Misdiagnosis reduced - (Diagnosing through a "clear" speculum regularly leads to a distorted view due to local tissue depression and discolouration.)
  • White surface design vastly improves light reflection and visibility
  • Patients perceive white as high quality, hygienic and friendly
Orchid Speculum Speculum x 4