Designed with nurses in mind to quickly and accurately retrieve specimen material, our ThomasTrap is equipped with two removable specimen drawers and a clear window for easy visualization of collected specimens. Retrieve multiple polyps with uninterrupted suction and safeguard staff from unnecessary exposure to biomaterials.
Provides 100% safeguard against lost polyps.
ThomasTrap with Two Removable Chambers

  • Equipped with two removable specimen drawers
  • Secure click-and-unlock mechanism
  • Easy installation
  • Clear window for easy visualisation of collected specimens
  • Safeguards against unnecessary exposure to biomaterial and lost polyps
  • DEHP Free
  • 20 sets per box
  • Non Sterile
3. Pull drawer out for easy retrieval and tr

Polypectomy Trap Brochure 2018

ThomasTrap Thomas Trap 2